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It is well established is South Park cannon that Cartman is slightly obsessed with Kyle.  Cartman also demonstrates a large number of trates that lead us to believe he is gay - watch the episodes, there are so many it would take a week of watching back episodes to list them all.  For Kyman fans there is no need to strech the imagination to see Cartman liking Kyle - what is not obvious is why Kyman fans think Kyle could possibly return the Fat-asses feelings.  Here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

First Possible Explanation
A lot of men tend to like a girl who reminds them of their mother in some way.  With gay men the same trait leads them to look for a particular type of guy.  Lets compare Shelia Broflovski and Eric Cartman:

1- Both are of a similar body type and shape (fat).
2- Both are loud and obnoxious with take-charge personality types.
3- Both tend to shreak and shout when they can't have their own way.
4- Both get obsessed with their schemes and take them way too far (e.g. Shelia being resonsable for the USA/Canada war in the movie, Cartman's revenge on Scott Tennorman).
5- Both have immense levels of overwhelming confidence.

The idea being that if Kyle was gay he would subconsiously choose a partner that would remind him of his mother.  Cartman fits this mold nicely.

Second Possible Explanation
Kyle is somebody who will always look for the good in a person.  If Cartman ever opened up the Kyle about his life and feelings - maybe Kyle would grow to like, trust and eventually love Eric.  I wrote a story with this as one of the themes called The Contest:…

Third Possible Explanation
Cartman manipulates Kyle into falling for him.

Forth Possible Explanation
Cartman matures/mellows out/changes as he gets older.

There are other explanations - some of which would make excellent stories.

Kyman love to all, Cell12.
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Killmeorshirou Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015
Why he make a theory on it because he like the relationship between Cartman & Kyle And the theory make it why it possible for Kyle to like Cartman and All the fighting between the two is what any fan of Kyman like about it. 
thedevilskitten67 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
Thank you for these wonderful theories! Unlike the person commenting below me, I love kyman and find it plausible. Thank you for sharing your theories on here; they made me ship kyman even more (if that's even possible) xD
thedevilskitten67 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
Haha you definitely should!! I'll be waiting and watching more south park to obsessively look for more kyman hints xD
cell12 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
I'm thinking of writing a sequil to this: Why Eric likes Kyle :D.
legoland5254 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
even if they were gay, Kyle would probably fall in love for someone else. Sheila's schemes were for the "Greater good" because she wanted what was best for the children of south park and that was to not always be disobedient and cuss a lot. Cartman's schemes are only for his own selfish needs and/or for overkill revenge. If anyone were to take 16 dollars from you that's no reason to grind someone's parents up into chili and feed them to him. And Cartman is still evil. In the episode "Obama wins" Obama was never supposed to be elected president. It was all a scheme involving the chinese that would end up giving the chinese the rights to star wars and having cartman play a role in the movie, he didn't care what the rest of the USA thought was better for office. All he wanted was to be in the next star wars movie. Cartman is also stupid too.
-he didn't understand the reenactment of the civil war
-he thought all black people were going to riot and destroy the world
-he thought if he put HIS mouth over butter's dick then that would make butters gay.... oh yeah, if he was gay then why would he try to make fun of someone else for having the same sexual preference as he does?
cell12 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
Please remember, Shelia wasn't always so moral and upstanding - watch It's a Jersey Thing, s14e09, to get a glimpse of her past.  Who's to say that Cartman won't change in the future.

Remember a writer can adjust the personalities of the characters to fit their own ideas and stories.  The best writers do this but remain in character.  The bad writers make the character seem wrong or OOC.

Just so you know - calling other people gay and making fun of them is classic behaviour for gay guys who are in serious denial.
legoland5254 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
But that's what people do. It's not really a "Scheme" if you are going to punch someone in the face just because they called you something offensive. I'm not entirely sure that kyle's mom should really count as proof of kyle and eric being gay for each other.

And remember: Cartman's schemes are not for the care of other people unlike Sheila's. They're just for his own selfish needs. They are sometimes even schemes that Kyle would easily get upset over. In the passion of the jew Cartman dresses up like hitler and lead the Mel Gibson fan club to commit genocide over the jews although they don't realize it. There are obviously other reasons why Cartman doesn't like KyleIn the episode HUMENCENTIPAD When cartman got the "humancentipad" He was not shocked at all to see 3 people, including Kyle, having their mouthes connected to their buttholes. When Cartman even acknowledged Kyle being strapped to it he simply said "KEEWWWL It does e-mail and web browsing and it shits in kyle's mouth!? THIS IS THE GREATEST THING THAT HAS EVER BEEN INVENTED!!" obviously implying he's thrilled that it shits in Kyle's mouth. And how would you feel if someone sang an entire song calling your mom a bitch?
cell12 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
A Kyman fan could just as easily argue that Cartman gets off on humiliating Kyle and the Humancentipad episode is an example of this ;).

Personally I believe that Trey and Matt are very aware of all the slash fans that follow South Park and put in relationship teasers to urge them on.

Given that Stan is in a long-term relationship with Wendy in the show and Kenny has dated girls and is shown to be obsessed with porn and women with big boobs – how can anyone possibly claim that Style and K2 are plausible?  Yet both of these pairings are very popular with lots of fan art and stories.  I, personally, don't understand why anyone could support either pairing but people do.  The trick is to avoid the pairings you don't like, when possible, and not let it bother you.

As I've said before, to other people, it doesn't matter if you personally don't think that a Cartman/Kyle relationship is believable – I and other people who write Kyman stories or draw fan art do.

As long as the reasons behind their connection are possible and have some basis in canon why not just enjoy it - and if you can't enjoy it avoid it.
legoland5254 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
Well, it's true people can do whatever they want to change their characters around but the show has been going on for over 15 years. It would make absolutely no sense at all when after all the fighting between the two they suddenly make them both gay. Kyle and Eric are known to hate each other. Besides, in the episode "Cartman finds love" Kyle is in fact, straight. In the episode both Kyle and Nicole have a crush on each other.

Well, the overall honesty is, it's understandable to make a yaoi group but I'm not sure why you need to make a theory on WHY they're gay. I'm just saying

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